Whatever we cannot achieve alone,

we can achieve together.

The Herzbuchverlag has the intention to touch children’s and adult’s hearts by the books published here. At the same time, we would like to encourage you to help us make some positive changes in our world.

The motto of the Herzbuchverlag

„Children need good and instructive stories“ Without violence, but written with love and heart. There are many children, adults and animals, who were not born on

The “sunny side of life”.


However, the well-being of humans, animals and nature concerns us all.

It is high time to finally get up in order to make a change!

Our intentions.

You can help!

We want to provide physically and mentally handicapped and seriously

ill children growing up in children’s homes with a voice so that they will

experience more help, respect and support within our society.

With each purchase of a book and/or e-book, you will support an

important and social project!

Dear children, dear parents,


Even in my earliest childhood I loved to paint, to read and to write.

Little stories, which were never published and countless pictures, were hiding in a small case.

Every year I looked at them and wished that all these collected works would be published. Some day…


… unforeseeable life situations took away my power to live my dream.


About three years ago, I gathered up all of my courage and decided to finally begin. The first books were children’s books and e-books, to a great part completed with own drawings; four at the number:


• Australian Friends

• Interesting things to know about water – for children

• Fire Department on four paws

• Little Pauline – let your dreams fly


Maybe the pictures are not really perfect, but they do not have to be; they were painted with love and devotion, they are touching the children’s hearts and that is what really counts, right?


In order to be able to allow full bent to my writer’s thoughts, I founded my own publishing house, the Herzbuchverlag, “The book with the heart”, since all my books are literally a “real matter of the heart”.



The Heartbook Publisher is still in its infancy, so just let yourself be surprised, which books, audio books and e-books will enter the market this year. One of my greatest dreams was that the painted characters from by books, will someday “become alive” as movie, cuddly toy, app or children’s game and give pleasure to many children and adults.


Sometimes you just need a little luck to make a dream come true…


Many thanks to all the wonderful people who support us!




Gabriele Seifert

The fire fighters all over the world are real heroes who are very courageous and warm-hearted! As soon as the fire station receives an emergency call, they go into action no matter if it is stormy or if it is snowing outside. Every day they risk their lives in order to help people or animals.


In the following exciting and instructive stories, you will find out which important tasks and risky actions the fire department has to take up!


I hope you will have real fun with my children’s book, which I have drawn and designed for you joyfully and with great love.




Gabriele Seifert

"Fire Department on four paws"


The clever wombat Max is the commander of the fire brigade on four paws. His colleagues are the Giraffe Gucky, the monkey Lumpi, the elephant Trumpet, the rhino Thundercloud, the sheep Madame Locke, the tiger Matscho and the Saint Bernard dog Schnuffel. They show us how important the work of the fire fighters is, and how to send an emergency call correctly.


Just get into the fire brigade truck of the “Fire Department on four paws” and listen to the thrilling stories that commander Max is telling you about his daily work at the fire brigade.


With the e-book “Fire Department on four paws”, we support the federal association Neurodermatitis e.V. who engages for sick children, juveniles and adults with a lot of commitment.


Through the purchase of this e-book, you also have the possibility to do good!

Per e-book, we donate 0,50 Cent.

"Environmentalists on Four Paws"


Water is one of the most precious raw materials on our earth. Having clean drinking water is not commonplace and, unfortunately, there are still many people who do not have clean water to drink.


In this book, MAX and his friends will explain to you how important water is for humans, animals and nature.


We have to treat it attentively and economically, because we cannot live without water.


Just help to protect the water!


Through the purchase of this e-book, you also have the possibility to do good!

"CHARITY WITH HEART" starts charity projects for physically and mentally handicapped people, (severly) ill children and children living in social flashpoints (e.g. children’s homes)

as well as for animals and for nature.


Our charity projects are not only supported through our own social (book) projects, and book sales from

Gabriele Seifert (Herzbuchverlag), but also by most different projects, and the help of charitable associations and already existing great partners, such as Make a Wish Deutschland e.V., Deutsches Komitee für UNICEF e.V. (German committee for UNICEF), Gut Aiderbichl Stiftung Österreich (Gut Aiderbichl foundation Austria), Bundesverband Neurodermitis e.V. (Federal association Neurodermatitis).


We will introduce you some charitable organizations, foundations, associations, partner and many other supporters; these are all wonderful people who want to make a change in this world – and who will do so – together with us and also with your help!


Great changes could be possible if only people would help one another…


Let your hearts speak up, for children and juveniles who were not born on the sunny side of life…


Do YOU want to do something GOOD – find out more under or write an e-mail to


We look forward to be able to introduce many other wonderful charity projects and charitable organizations.

We would like to complete these lines with a wonderful quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:


“Happy is a soul who loves.”


Heartfelt greetings


Gabriele Seifert

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